Bot9 - Prayer, How can CG pray for you?


As I mentioned in last week's Bottom of the Ninth called "Baptism," we are seeing incredible spiritual momentum in the baseball community. This momentum is occurring for several reasons, not the least of which prayer.

My wife, Alyson, and I continued our weekend reading dates together this weekend by cracking open a new book - Moving Mountains by John Eldredge. In that book, Eldredge takes a deep dive in the idea of prayer and how we might be able to pray more effectively. Early in the book, he starts to build an argument around what he considers to be the most effective prayers. The first two elements are:

God is growing us all up.
We find ourselves in the midst of a great and terrible war.

While we are seeing and experiencing spiritual momentum, that's going to be short lived and limited if we don't engage in prayer for the baseball community. As I was reading with Alyson, I was convicted to ask our Bottom of the Ninth readership these two questions:

How is God growing you currently?
How can we as a ministry go to battle with and for you through prayer?

We want to hear from you, pray for you, and hear how God is moving through the game of baseball across the country. Know that those of us involved with Complete Game Ministries will listen and pray for you. I'm not just talking about the shoot a prayer up while brushing our teeth either. We're going to pray individually and corporately for years for spiritual change to continue by speaking "The Gospel of Jesus in the Language of Baseball."

I've had a chance to see and experience long-term fruit for maybe the first time in my life. Now I want to see more mountains moved. Join us by sharing your prayer requests with us by answering the questions above!