Bot9 - The American Journey


As we head into the Independence Day holiday this week, I wanted to reflect on this idea of the transformational journey as it applies to our country. For those of us who believe in Jesus Christ and a God who redeems, it’s important for us to maintain the perspective of redemption in the context of our country, its history, and its future.

Far too often we, as human beings, tend to believe that everything’s going downhill. Some may be quick to use the term “going to hell in a hand basket.” While it may feel that way, it’s important for us to remember God’s redemptive power. No matter how bad the event feels to you, God can, and will, redeem it.

Our country is a part of God’s created world. As such, we are a part of His redemptive plan. Instead of feeling that slide into a pit when something negative happens, in the grand scheme of things, it will be a part of redemption. It will be redeemed. It may be good for all of us to remind ourselves by saying, “This, too, will be redeemed.”

It’s probably easier for us to throw a ball on the mound and bounce back with a strike, or strike out and come back with a double in the next at bat. We feel a sense of control over events in the game of baseball. When it comes to national affairs or the effects of history, we often feel a sincere lack of control. The games we play are so much simpler in this regard. Remembering that this, too, will be redeemed is a powerful perspective to grab from our great game.

Our God is a God of freedom, not of bondage. A perspective of freedom and redemption leads us into the journey of transformation, both personally and for the country. How can this perspective lead you to freedom and out of bondage?