Bot9 At The Movies - Major League, Resurrection Power


Towards the end of Major League, manager Lou Brown stands in front of his team and shares the dire news of the owner’s desire to move the team. The lovable group of losers was assembled to finish so poorly that attendance would drop and she’d be free to move the team wherever she pleased. This knowledge fuels the team and propels them to the climactic ending. They reach deep into themselves and go on a spectacular run.

In 2011, I coached in a league game that did not go well. We scored a run early that ended up being our only run. Five innings later, we were walking off the field having lost 15-1. It was rough. Did I mention it was a televised game as well? It was the first time the program had been on television and it was a public embarrassment, a public shaming.

It just so happens that the game was played the weekend before Easter. After the game I made some rather bold proclamations. I spoke to the team about the power of the Resurrection, and that I believed the Lord would resurrect our season as well. We would bounce back from this disappointment and see God’s hand on our season. Amazingly enough, we did end up winning the league, the district championship, and finishing third in the state. In hindsight, even after seeing the things I said come true, I don’t know if I’d be willing to say the same things. I don’t know if I’ve become more conservative in my faith or just amazed at what God can actually do. God is nothing short of amazing and I would never want to trivialize His dealings in our lives!

Of this I am absolutely sure - our God is all about bringing life to dead places. He can bring life from death, He can redeem any story. No matter the size of the loss or the disappointment, He has the power to turn the worst of circumstances into something beautiful. We just have to let Him work and show His resurrection power.

Happy Easter!