Super Bowl Sunday - Special Edition


Super Bowl Sunday is one of the great uniting forces in American culture. All across the country, friends and family will gather together to watch a football game. I hope you have an incredible Sunday wherever you watch the game!

Another uniting force in our culture is social media, and I'd like to tell the Complete Game audience about a new friend I made this past week. This past Thursday, I received a new follower - Omega Missions. I clicked on their profile and quickly discovered that this was a newer organization. Their picture of a baseball stadium and their desire to spread the Gospel through the game of baseball was apparent. In an effort to encourage and connect with them, I sent them a direct message via Twitter.

Adam Spates, the director of Omega Missions, replied almost immediately. He and his wife started the ministry as part of their family's call to Corinto, Nicaragua. Let me let Adam tell the story from here:

"The primary reason we started this ministry is for the funding of my family's call to Corinto, Nicaragua to run youth baseball and share the Gospel through the relationships formed there in. I had never heard of Corinto in my life and only found out about its existence this summer. My wife and I got confirmation from God on the call to full-time missions and the next day God showed me this place on a map of Central America. He said this is where I want you to go use youth baseball to reach men. I purchased plane tickets and went to the town only to find that the stadium you see on our Twitter page is a youth baseball stadium (196 to left, 252 to center, and 188 to right). There hasn't been a league there for five or six years because no one wants to run the league. Add to that kids do not have gloves or the money for equipment and uniforms. I also found out that the house attached to the left field wall is for sale. So, to make the long story short, my family (wife, 11 & 2-year-old sons) is moving there in June. We will spend the first 6-12 months building relationships and earning trust in the community, and getting established and settled in the church and home. Then we will start the league and bring mission teams down for camps and clinics."

I wanted to share this for a couple of reasons. First, please add Omega Missions to your prayer list as another ministry seeking to spread the Gospel through the Language of Baseball. Second, as fans across the country raise their voices and cheer for the game today, may we participate with Heaven in cheering on Omega Missions and the work they will do to spread the word of Jesus in Nicaragua!