Support & Mentoring for Colorado Baseball Coaches


In the past few months I’ve heard different pastors explain how they were given a heart for a certain city or area within a city to build their church. This was a new idea for me and I started to pray to this end for my ministry work, specifically through Complete Game Ministries. In the midst of those prayers, I experienced clarity in my calling - I am called to minister to baseball coaches in the state of Colorado.

It’s kind of a smaller group, kind of a niche group of people, but one that is very special to me. Some of my most treasured relationships exist in the Colorado baseball community and I desire to give back to the people engaging in this important work.

As a former head coach in a public and in a private school, I learned a lot. One of the things I learned is that head baseball coaches are very much like head pastors of a church. They’re expected to have a wide variety of gifts and skills, and often expected to operate a very complex organization with a level of perfection. Often times a head baseball coach operates outside of his comfort zone or skill set to help the program survive. These expectations can be difficult, even crushing, and it often leads coaches into isolation. It is my goal to break that cycle of isolation and build a community of support around baseball coaches in the state of Colorado.

Complete Game Ministries is creating a network of baseball coaches, pastors, priests, and youth ministry professionals in an effort to unite, encourage, and resource the baseball community in the state of Colorado. In the initial phase of this vision, I’ll be creating a group of current and former baseball coaches, administrators, pastors and priests who are interested in being available to listen and counsel baseball coaches in the state of Colorado through Complete Game Ministries. 

I’ve been engaging in this work with a small number of coaches in the state and helping them develop their baseball programs. I’ve prayed with them and over their programs. It’s been one of the most fulfilling things that I’ve done as a coach. To walk beside a brother through a time of growth and development, or a time of trial has been incredible. Winning a baseball game or building a program is an amazing thing, but to help others do it as well or better might be even more incredible. I want to invite others to join me in that work.

If you are interesting in supporting the baseball community in Colorado and serving the ministry in this way, please contact me using any of the methods below. I’m looking forward to having a network of coaches, hopefully in each of the areas outlined by the Colorado Dugout Club, ready to support our baseball coaches by the spring season. I look forward to hearing from you if you’re interested in being a mentor for baseball coaches in the state of Colorado through Complete Game Ministries.


Keith Wahl
Executive Director - Complete Game Ministries
"The Gospel of Jesus in the Language of Baseball"