Putting Your Lineup Together

"...let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think." - Romans 12:2

This recent journey I've traveled has helped me to realize and live the truth of this verse. Our thoughts are so important and Paul knew it. Our thoughts lead to our emotional state which leads to our physical state which impacts our performance in all areas of life. In that cycle, the thought is the most important and foundational element of our lives.

The Starting 9 journey is a method and opportunity for all of us to begin and end our day with healthy, Biblical thoughts.


Examine your FREEDOM. What enhances your freedom and what inhibits your freedom? Jesus came to set us free and not hold us in bondage. What is adding to your spiritual freedom and what is holding you back?

Examine areas of PERSEVERANCE. What trial or trials are you currently enduring that is developing your character? Show gratitude for this opportunity to grow and show perseverance.


Review the day before. Did you Love the way you've been loved? Did you Discipline the way you've been disciplined? Did you give Grace the way you've received grace? Are you Forgiving others the way you've been forgiven?

I've found that these elements of Well Coached help me to live in better relationships with those I interact with on a daily basis. When I look at the previous day, I am either able to seek improvement in myself or seek forgiveness for my shortcomings.


Your outfield is your community. Are you living in Unity with people? Do you approach every situation with an "Others Focused, Others First" mentality? Are you creating family and deeper relationships within your community at home, teams, and work?

It might sound overly simple, but starting and ending my day with these principles has led to a greater sense of freedom and peace. This renewing of my mind daily has allowed me to be better in my interactions with others and be a part of improving everyone around me. I present this Starting 9 idea to you as an opportunity for you to renew your mind daily and live with these Biblical principles at the forefront of your thoughts. May it bless you as it has me!