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Encouraging Resources - Mosaic Podcast
by Keith Wahl

"Our Mission: Complete Game Ministries exists to UNITE, ENCOURAGE, and RESOURCE the baseball community serving in the ministry of Jesus Christ."

Our ministry is currently working on refining our mission, vision, and core values as we seek to establish a strong ministry plan for the future. The discussions have been rich as we reflect on the successes of the past five years, and as we look forward to impacting more people for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

Okay, this resource is more like a triple play.

I've enjoyed Erwin McManus since the early days of my faith walk, in particular his book The Barbarian Way. I remember listening to a talk by McManus when he encouraged his son to jump from a second story window. Now, while that might seem like something worthy of a social services intervention, it had a lot more to do with being less careful and more faithful in our walk with the Lord.

Since those early days, McManus has continued to grow Mosaic in the Los Angeles area. McManus intentionally leaves the word "church" off the end of Mosaic so he can gain the hearts and minds of non-believers as well as believers. He's a creative soul who has been able to gain favor and an incredible platform, even on the TED stage (What Makes Us Uniquely Human? and The Artisian Soul).

The triple play for McManus that I want to recommend are his podcast, his books, and the reading plan based on his new book. His podcast is like conversations I've had with my more artistic of friends - a roller coaster to which you have to hang on, never knowing where it's going, but leaves you satisfied. Most recently, McManus has dealt with surviving cancer and the social injustice we've observed in our country. Regardless of the subject, McManus draws us back to God and His eternal love for each and every one of us.

Here's the introduction to the Bible reading plan based on his book. Whether you dive into his podcast, his book (or books), or this reading plan, you'll connect with the Lord deeply through the though of Erwin McManus.

Is your soul screaming out that you were born for more than the life you are living? Have you undersold yourself, under-lived your life, and underestimated God’s intention for you? In this 5-day devotional, iconoclast and lead pastor of Mosaic, Erwin McManus, will point the way to leading a life of passion, adventure, and courage. Based on McManus’ new book, The Last Arrow, discover how to wholeheartedly pursue your dreams, to live this one life fully, and to die with an empty quiver.