From the Orioles to the sandlot and all levels in between!

Mulling over the past few weeks, it’s interesting to see the similarities and differences between doing ministry within the game of baseball. I had the opportunity to spend a few weeks in Rochester, NY with the Rochester Ridgemen, one of the Athletes in Action teams in the New York Collegiate Baseball League. During those two weeks I walked through scripture with the team, teaching on theology, Spiritual life, work of the Holy Spirit, life of Christ, etc. while trying to lead the guys through seeing spiritual life through the lens of the game. Articulating spiritual truths in a way that baseball players understand and connect with, illustrating the depths of Scripture with the game of baseball.

Now we are back in the DR. Wednesday spending a few hours in the Orioles academy, with 17-23 year old professional players, connecting the game of baseball with the power of the Gospel and this morning being spent on a sandlot field in Boca Chica with kids ranging from 4-12 trying once again to articulate spiritual truths by illustrating with the game of baseball. Sure, the language (Spanish and English) changes, the context changes (beautiful turf fields to trash filled cow pasture), but the game and the Gospel remain the same. There are still four bases and a mound and Jesus is still the redeemer of souls and the giver of life. The Gospel has power on the sandlot, the Orioles academy and in the NYCBL. Jesus is God in all, and can use a trivial game to bring Himself glory.