Bringing Heaven to Earth


Bringing Heaven to Earth
by Keith Wahl

Matthew 6:10, “Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

Moments in sports are special. One of the most special of those moments is the post-victory celebration after being crowned champion at the end a long season. In that overflow of love and joy, we see a picture of unity. No one is complaining about a contract, playing time, or thinking about anything but being totally present in that moment to absorb the joy.

Recently, I’ve started to believe those moments of unity can be accomplished by more people and with more frequency than one team at the end of a 162-game season. That moment of unity can be achieved when we choose to drop our swords (or bats and balls) and seek the way of Jesus through love and grace and mercy and forgiveness.

Is it possible that every time we choose to love a brother or sister, extend grace and forgiveness to one another, or choose humility instead of pride that a group of angels are having a dogpile on a diamond in the sky? When we take the opportunity to bring the kingdom of God to this world and do the Lord’s will in the process, we bring heaven to earth in that moment. I can’t help but think of the champagne corks popping and the celebration beginning.

Take the opportunity today to bring heaven to earth in your sphere of influence and cause a raucous celebration in heaven!



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Dodger pitcher Clayton Kershaw is an inspirational, faithful man of God. In the grand scheme of thing, the Dodger loss is far less important than the victory Kershaw is claiming for the sake of Christ. I'd encourage you to click and watch the video below and read some of the pieces he has penned for The Increase.