How Would Jesus Coach? Well Coached Final Thoughts


Coach Justin Tucker traveled the long and difficult road of discovery with guidance provided by his coach. After aligning his heart with his actions, his team was blessed with a championship. Justin's heart and actions aligned with the lessons of Well Coached: The Five Lessons of Well Coached Well Coached Lesson #1 - LOVE the way you’ve been loved Well Coached Lesson #2 - DISCIPLINE the way you’ve been disciplined Well Coached Lesson #3 - Give GRACE the way you’ve received grace Well Coached Lesson #4 - FORGIVE the way you’ve been forgiven Well Coached Lesson #5 - MINISTER reconciliation the way you’ve been reconciled

There is a danger here - as humans it will be our tendency to align our heart and actions with these principles and expect God to provide us with championships. We have to remember that the Lord is far more interested in our character than he is about our championship rings. The lessons of Well Coached are not intended to be an instant elixir for a championship. They are intended to draw us closer to Christ and become more like him in our coaching.

One of my favorite TED talks is the one provided by the late John Wooden called "The Difference Between Winning and Succeeding." Click the link below to watch one of the greats explain the balance between winning and succeeding. Well Coached will help you succeed - let's all keep our focus there.

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The Difference between Winning and Succeeding - John Wooden