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Bottom of the 9th - The Disease of Me

Forging the Brotherhood

The beginning of 2015 will mark the start of a new series, "Forging the Brotherhood." You will see devotionals from coaches, players, and community members around the theme of "brotherhood" for the next few months.

The Disease of Me

by Keith Wahl

During the NBA Finals this past summer, columnist Jason Whitlock wrote a column about the Miami Heat titled "The Disease of Me." He said this:

There are six danger signals for the Disease of Me, the affliction common among teams that leads to the Defeat of Us:

1. Chronic feelings of under-appreciation -- focus on oneself. 2. Paranoia over being cheated out of one's rightful share. 3. Leadership vacuum resulting from formation of cliques and rivalries. 4. Feelings of frustration even when the team performs successfully. 5. Personal effort mustered solely to outshine one's teammate. 6. Resentment of competence of another.His words became prophecy as the Heat lost in the Finals to a more team-oriented San Antonio Spurs team. The amazing part of his words is that these six afflictions that lead to a diagnosis of team failure can be applied to any team, at any level, anywhere in the United States. Coupling Whitlock's thoughts with Andy Stanley's book,

Enemies of the Heart

, we can see that Jealousy, Greed, Anger, and Guilt are spiritual battles that become personal battles on teams we coach, play for, or watch in the arena of competition.

Thankfully, the Lord provides us with an antidote to the "Disease of Me" through his Word.

When you begin to fight the enemy of Jealousy, Celebrate the accomplishments of others. When Greed creeps into your heart, find more ways to Give. When Anger bubbles beneath the surface like a volcano, Forgive. When you struggle under the burdens of Guilt, Confess your heart and turn from the ways of the wicked.

Eradicating the "Disease of Me" is a Gospel-centered approach to developing team and unity. It can be addressed personally and corporately. Seek to remove the "Disease of Me" from yourself and from your team, and watch how the Holy Spirit moves in "Forging the Brotherhood."

Baseball Chapel will return with the "Forging the Brotherhood" series on Friday, January 23!

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